It’s Been Awhile. 

I haven’t written an Aidan blog (other than birthday posts) in a very long time, and as you can imagine much has changed with the little man you all knew, and watched grow. So let’s recap shall we? 

First my little man has started school. He has finished his pre-school, and kindergarten years and now is into the FIRST GRADE! Can you believe it? That little frumpy bumpy of a baby is now, a skinny, hyper-active, speed talking, first grader. I’m bside myself at how fast the time has gone. It honestly feels like last year I was thinking to myself, “When is this kid going to start school? He needs to get out of this house and around other little people his age.” Well that time has come and gone and now I’m wishing for the “at home time” back. I suppose that’s always the way that it is though. You want what you don’t have, and wish for things that have passed, it’s the way the world works. Aidan has excelled in school. He does very well with his assignments, and cognitive abilities. He does however, talk too much, act out, and gets into trouble a bit more than we would like but we have recently discovered that he is ADHD/ODD (a blog later and more in depth will come soon about this) so we are treating that accordingly, and working with the Broad Street School Staff. Other than his hyper-activity and stubbornness he is a great kid. All of the teachers love and adore him, I mean, how could you not? He’s a charmer for sure and has a smile that could light up a room. I know that first grade is going to be a challenge for him as it is full day versus the half day that he is used to but I know that he will persevere and do just fine.

Up next, AIDAN STARTED HOCKEY. Well, more specifically a skating program that turns into a hockey program this fall. The kid is a natural on skates and is an amazing way for him to burn off extra energy that he has at the end of a long school day. So far he seems to really enjoy it and I hope that it is something that he will stick with through school. Hockey is one of those things that goes nearly year round, and I got my first dose of that this past spring. I seriously thought that the lessons would never end. It would be 85 degrees outside and there I was freezing inside and ice rink. What. The. Heck? But, if it is something that Aidan wants to do and is passionate about I will put my frigidness aside, bring a sweatshirt, and be the best hockey mom ever.

Along the same lines of sports/activities, we are getting Aidan involved the Cub Scouts. I think that this is another awesome opportunity for him as it is again something that will burn extra energy, and teach him valuable life skills. Aidan loves being outside, hiking, fishing, and doing other things, so I think that this is right up his alley. It also gets him involved with the community and with kids his own age that he wouldn’t otherwise meet. I’m excited to get him signed up for this, I’m sure he’s going to love it.

Lastly, I’m still finding it hard to accept the fact that I have a six year old. He’s grown so much, not only height wise but personality wise. He’s stubborn, loveable, kind, and free spirited. He’s a one of a kind, with a preference on many things from food, to music, and more. I can’t believe that I raised this little human, and more importantly I can’t believe that I’ve raised him well enough that he’s not failing, struggling, or wanting for anything. Parenting is hard, but when you see your child thrive it makes it worth every ounce of pain, and heartache.


I promise to be more diligent about posting, and will post soon. Until then, play, laugh, and hug!


You’re SIX!

Aidan Michael, YOU’RE SIX! I can’t even believe that you are now closer to ten than one, and one step closer to double digits. It seems like just yesterday that you were being placed in my arms for the first time; your squishy little face brand new, and beautiful, you were all snuggled up and cuddly against me. I could have held you like that forever. But now you’re six and cuddles come in short bursts and random moments. I miss our snuggles, but adore your independence and strong will to do your own thing. Year five was a big year for you my friend. You started/graduated kindergarten, you learned how, and excelled in your skating programs, you’ve become more brave when it comes to water adventures, and your reading has flourished. You amaze me every day with your intelligence, humor, and big heart. This year will be another big year, you’re starting the first grade; all day school! (you know I’ll be there to see you in, and please don’t get upset when you see me cry. I’m not sad that you’re going, I’m sad that you’re growing.) You’ll be starting a hockey program that I know you’ll be incredibly awesome at (you’re the fastest kid on skates I know!). You’re going to be joining the Cub Scouts, another program that I know that you’ll love and excel at and many, many, more things that we have yet to see from or learn from you.Aidan you are my best friend, my guiding light, my partner in crime, and my moral compass. You little man have changed me for the better, and I do not know what life would be like without you in it. On August 2nd, 2010 I was gifted one of the most magical things that any human could ever receive, a baby boy. You have challenged me, pushed me to my limits, comforted me, made me laugh, and have shown me what unconditional love feels like. I will never be able to truly express how much you mean to me and your father but I hope that you know that we love you more than anything in this entire world.

Today is your day, Aidan, run, play, laugh, and give hugs.

To the moon and back, my love. I’ll love you always.

Happy Birthday, Baby Bub!

Dearest Aidan,

Well you’ve made it to year four and some how by the grace of god have managed not to break any bones or end up in the hospital. You my son are a wild child, a natural hell on wheels. My all American boy.
But in all seriousness .. You’re four! I can’t even believe it! Four is not a toddler anymore, four is a kid. You’re a crazy, in your face, have to have it now, kisses giving, random meltdown having, kid. Where has the time gone? And can I have my two year old snuggly, smooshy cheeked, baby bumpy back?
This has been an interesting year for us my man friend. You have definitely established an attitude all your own, and your personality is genuinely one of a kind. We have mastered potty training together, your counting and ABC’s have come a long way and your vocabulary is unmatched. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you academically.
Speaking of school, you start on September 2! How exciting! But please don’t hold it against me or become embarrassed when I’m bawling like a baby as you enter into the class room on your first day. You’ll always be my baby bub and this whole going to school thing is A HUGE DEAL. I’m excited for you though. You need the challenge. (Don’t worry, your Raffis can go too.)
You’re growing up so quickly Aidan and I want to slow it down. Realistically I know that’s not possible so I will cherish every moment I have while you’re little and get my snuggles and kisses in before they become uncool to give anymore. You’re growing up to be an amazing little man my son and I can’t wait to see what year four brings to us.
Happy Fourth Birthday, A-Monster!

I love you, forever and ever.
To the moon and back.

Love always,

Your Incredibly Proud Mumma.


What DO YOU MEAN My son is old enough to go to Pre-School?!

HOLD UP when in God’s name did this happen? I’m pretty sure just a couple of months ago Aidan was crawling around in diapers, sipping bottles, and napping 2/3 of the day; he is most certainly NOT old enough to be heading off to school! Right? Right?

Sadly this is not the correct reality and he is definitely off to a pre-school atmosphere in the fall. (Insert hysterical sobbing here.)

It all started last Friday when I found myself in a half daze/half robot state dropping off my son’s paperwork for school at the Nashua School district’s main office. When I first filled out the paperwork I was excited for him, even a little excited for me, now . . . that feeling has turned
into “my child is totally not old enough to be going off to a school.” After the paperwork was dropped off and my phone call to my husband placed, (ranting about the crappy service that the secretary gave me) I drove to work. I drove to work in silence, teary eyed, and bummed. My little “bumpy” was not so little anymore, he wasn’t fully dependent upon me anymore, and he was now partaking in a journey all his own.

I told myself that I wasn’t going to be that mom who cried on her kid’s first day of school, I told myself that I wasn’t going to be that mom who made a big deal out of her child going to a program for not even half of the day, I told myself I was going to be the cool mom who high fives before school in front of the other kids and sends cool snacks off to school for snack time. I told myself all of this . . over and over.
Apparently though I did a REAL crappy job at convincing myself that this was going to be the way things were, because I feel as though I am going to be the complete opposite (except of course the cool mom part because, well, I can’t help that. I’m just incredibly cool.)

Aidan will be four in August, FOUR! I feel like three and a half years has flown by and somewhere along the way I blinked and my baby turned into a little man. (Well maybe not man . . but you get what I’m saying.)

It’s inevitable, this growing up thing, and I get that . . No, I really do. It’s just sad sometimes to think that someday Aidan will be a grown man and no longer rely on me for much of anything. Then again, I realize that Aidan is a male, and as his mom he will always need me in one way or another, and that will always make me smile.


Ever have one of those days ..

Where you feel like a terrible mom? Ugh. For the past couple of weeks I’ve seriously felt like a failure of a mom; I’ve been cranky, irritable, raised my voice more often than I usually would, have zero patience, and I feel like it’s been forever since Aidan and I have had a day out together.
I could go on and on about how crappy I feel about it but to be honest it’s always this time of year that gets to me. The weather is gross, & it’s cold outside, and sicknesses run crazily through my house. Sounds like a copout and yes; I guess it kind of is but it’s the truth. I’m a New England girl who hates the winter. Like, really hates it. I’m of the mindset that the snow is pretty for ambience during the holiday season, but after that it can go away.
I need springtime in my life. I need the windows open and fresh air. My house is a mess, I can’t get ahead of my laundry, and I’m lacking sunshine on my face.
What’s the point of this rant you ask? I suppose it is just a way for me to vent out the realization that I really just need to get over my hatred for the winter and all of its nasty little faults and hang out with/enjoy my baby boy more. I need to make time to go outside with him, clean the house/laundry when he’s napping, and generally motivate myself positively during the winter months because lets face it; this is New England and the winter isn’t going anywhere.
Anyone else with winter blues? What do you do differently or how does it affect your parenting?